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Monday, July 27, 2015

For Authority Websites : Long-Term Search Engine Strategies

If you start a website because you expect it to become your main source of income one day, you need to realize there is a long road ahead of you. There are not many people who suddenly become rich overnight and you are looking at a good few years of hard work before you see any significant results. At the beginning of your journey it’s important you start off on the right foot.

You need to start doing things now that might not have a huge impact until further down the line. One of those things is SEO because if you start building good backlinks now you will probably have a huge avalanche of visitors that end up on your site in the future. We’re going to look at some great things you should be doing in order to get those amazing results at a later date.

Write for other blogs
The great thing about writing for other blogs that are authorities in their niche is that it will boost your rankings a lot. If you were only to write one guest post per week it would still add up to over fifty of them if you did it for a year. That is fifty powerful backlinks pointing back at your site from a different respectable source each time and the search engines will love it.

Write A Guest Post

Create sharable content

If you can create great content your readers will want to share it and they will build backlinks for you. It can’t come any easier than that. The only hard part is getting them to share it in the first place. You can have social sharing buttons on your site, but that doesn’t mean they will click on them. The only way to guarantee you will get shares is by delivering something amazing every time you hit publish.

Reach out to people
Don’t try to do everything on your own because it’s a tough world out there. Networking is very important if you want to see great success and you really do need to try and make a few friends. When you have people on your side they won’t think twice about sharing your content. The only way they can do this is with a link so they’re not only sharing your stuff, but you also get a powerful backlink in the process.
Reach out to people

Shoot videos
Try to remember that Google is not the only search engine in the world. YouTube is another channel you should look at targeting because it can send you great traffic that you won’t get anywhere else. If you have popular videos they will rank high on the YouTube search engine and the backlink underneath your videos will send people back to your site.

Don’t forget long-tail keywords
It’s easy to get excited by the prospect of ranking number one for a keyword with thousands of searches per month, but the truth is that most of your traffic will come from long-tail keywords. They might have less than a hundred searches per month, but that is just one of them. When you target two of them in each article you will have a huge stream of traffic after a year.
Long tail keywords

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

To 10 Web Design Trends for 2014 - Infographic

Web design is a very important aspect of website development. The visual appeal, functionality, and usability of a website will be a huge factor in how appealing it is to your target readers. Also, a great website design will not remain great if it is not updated or redesigned to keep up with design trends. No matter how your website has been, a great website design is one that keeps on changing and being updated according to current industry trends and practices.

Infographic from Optimind Technology Solutions

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Three (3) Tips In developing a mobile app concept

Conceptualization is a critical factor one should not dare overlook nor take for granted. If you’re an entrepreneur, having good and solid concepts could outline what your business can do and the value it can provide. It can later be used to devise strategies to convert traffic and generate leads.

On the other hand, if you are a developer in a web design company, having clear and concise ideas about how the user could interact with the elements in your website can very well dictate its effectiveness and usefulness.

Needless to say, concept development is important when it comes to thinking outside the box and coming up with different solutions to address a common need.

How To Develop A Mobile App Concept
Learn how to develop a mobile app concept through these three (3) helpful tips.

1.       Define your goal. Regardless if you’re a mobile app development company in the Philippines or a digital agency in the US, you must be able to identify the purpose of your application. What is it really for? With millions of applications in the market, what can you offer that hasn't been offered yet? Is the functionality you’re thinking guaranteed to make the users very happy? Consider the differences between applications versus sites. Be sure that the application will focus on the things that your mobile-site or the web version can not or will have difficulties to provide.  Determining its importance is the first step towards making your application a success.

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2.       Identify the needs that it can resolve. You need to understand what are the needs, why is there one in the first place, where, when and how you can further assist your customers to improve your service to them. Know the story of your users. Keep in mind that apps and mobile websites complement each other. If you can offer an added bonus or feature that will meet their expectations and answer their requests in the form of apps, chances are, you have a good edge against your competitors.

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3.       Design with your target audience in mind. User Experience or UX is one of the topmost considerations while you conceptualize on the designs. Keep it simple and productive, elegant and intuitive, and most of all, convenient and easy-to-use. Stick to benefits. What they can get out of it? Suppose your crowd can afford one-minute break, how usable is it given that amount of time? Can they also perform an action relevant to where they are currently located at? 

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Twitter Marketing: Five (5) proven ways to build followers on Twitter

Nowadays, rarely will you see a company or firm that does not have a Twitter account on its website. After all, it is considered as the second most popular social network today. That’s not surprising with its impressive statistics:
  • About a billion registered people, September 2013
  • 231.7 million monthly active users, October 2013
  • 500 million tweets sent per day, October 2013
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How To Build Followers On Twitter
Just like any other networks, it is useless to join Twitter if you have no followers. Hence, here are some quick tips to get your following up and about. Learn the five (5) proven ways to get your business noticed on the internet through this social site.

1.       Content. Similar to how digital marketing agencies implement quality content on all of their websites, the same goes for Twitter. Always remember this tagline: You are what you tweet. So regardless if you’re just starting a digital agency in the Philippines or you’re an established sales manager in Singapore, your tweets can help your clients and customers identify you from the rest of your competitors. For instance, tweeting the latest trends and news about your niche can give you a good reputation of being an updated and in-the-know type of SEO enthusiast. Replying to tweet-inquiries and tweet-feedbacks can give your service-oriented brand a positive profile over the web. Be a resource so people will follow you for your helpful information. Interact with your followers and engage with the community as well. Keep your tweets short and within 100 characters. Maintain one posted link per hour and not more than that. Retweet if you can.

2.       Timing. Schedule your postings during the time when there are a lot of users online. In this way, the fresher your tweet is, the higher the chance it will get re-tweeted or replied at and the bigger the exposure you’ll get for your business. Best times are during weekends from one to three in the afternoon.

3.       Frequency. Every network has a recommended optimum number of posts. In Facebook, it’s best to do it one to three times per day. Here though, you can go from five to ten each day.

4.       Hashtags. Another trick worth considering is adding hashtags on your postings. Adding in two for every post is good enough.

5.       Follow. And last but not the least, follow personalities that are of the same niche as you are. 

To know more about digital marketing tweets just 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Lead Generation Tips: Three (3) Ways to generate leads through apps and plugins

All businesses are dependent on its customers. After all, these people are the foundation and life blood of any organization. Without them, businesses will cease to exist. Needless to say, it is vital to keep the flow of customers ongoing and growing by the minute to attain success.

How To Generate Leads Through Apps and Plugins

One of the major challenges faced by all entrepreneurs is its customer loyalty to its brand. With the number of competitors around who can offer a much better product or service anytime, it is a must then to create a constant stream of new leads that can later be converted into customers.

Learn how to maximize applications and plugins for lead generation purposes. Here are three (3) ways to show you how.

1.       Facebook apps. We all know why Facebook is a necessary resource in promoting a business. As the number one social network today, it gives a wide range of tools from Fanpage to Ads to Applications. Acquire leads by providing email-gated content. May it be an ebook, whitepaper, video or pre-recorded webinar, have your Facebook application developer create registration forms that will require the fans to enter their email addresses in order to access your exclusive content. Another method worth considering is FB sales promotion. Sponsor a Halloween photo contest that will give out items – gift certificates, discounts and freebies. Participants can join the promo if they like your page, access the app, register and upload scary snapshots of themselves. The person with the most frightening profile wins.

2.       Mobile apps. Ever heard of the phrase “there’s an app for that”? Truly enough, if you perform a search on your smartphone, there is practically an application for just about anything you’re interested in. So how can you apply lead generation on mobile applications? Here’s a sample scenario. Suppose you’re a firm that organizes events and conferences. One of your highlights is the annual gathering of search marketers all over the city. Hire an Android developer or iOS developer to build an event app that will be used by attendees before, during and after the said event. They can choose which sessions to attend to, be updated on the agenda and download the slides and brochures afterwards. If they want additional information on a specific topic discussed during the conference, they can fill out a form containing pertinent data.

There's an app for that, app for everything, mobile app

3.       Wordpress plugins. Wordpress is inarguably leading in the CMS platform industry. If you’re a digital marketing agency or a web development company, you can develop a premium plugin at a very cheap price that has a 30-day trial and can automatecertain SEO tasks which are either Panda, Penguin or Hummingbird proof.  After registering it on, have it available for download through your website. Those who are interested to try it out must sign up first to qualify for the trial.

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Four (4) Web Design Tips To Improve Your Load Time

Your overall layout is one of the main factors that contribute to your current readership. If your site is pleasing to the eyes and quick to navigate on, you could easily gain traffic and sales as more and more people would want to check you out not only for your products and services but also for your easy and eye-candy platform. Needless to say, visual impact and ease of use are both important in creating a well-rounded experience to your users. However, these are not the only things you, as a business owner, should take consideration on. How fast or slow your website loads also plays a critical role in giving a satisfactory UX. No matter how good your site looks, if it takes forever to appear, no visitor in his right mind would waste his precious time just to ensure that all of your web elements and functionalities are readily available for his usage. Every second counts especially in terms of conversion and return of investment (ROI).

Do not let your page delays lose the readers you have carefully built. Below are four (4) quick tips to help you out. Learn how you could further optimize the components of your web design to boost your SEO rankings in the major search engines as well.

  1. Flash. flashAs you all know, Flash could be very bulky and unfriendly especially to mobile devices. In this day and age where everyone uses their smart phones and tablets in almost anything online, integrating this element would not be a great idea. Eliminate it altogether in your design plans. If you really need animation or interactive content, opt for other existing Javascript solutions that are smaller in size and basically lightweight. If it can't be helped, go hybrid. Ensure that there is an HTML version of your Flash content for visitors who prefer to let go of the "loading" flash screen.
  2. Third-party widgets. This could also be a big contributor in sending a negative effect to your followers. Your solution: localize the external scripts to avoid uncertain off-site delay. Periodically cache the resource locally on your server and serve it local. Minimize the number of apps integrated on your system too. Position them strategically, i.e. bottom of the body tag.
  3. Images. Enhance image quality and reduce file size by utilizing Photoshop's Save for Web dialogue. Save them as jpg instead of png (unless you need a transparent image). Set the width and height on the tags. For multiple images of same sizes and purposes, use sprites. For instance, create a single sprite for all repeating 1px background images.
    png to jpg
  4. Stylesheets. When it comes to stylesheet, keep them all clean. Combine duplicate styles. If you're employing several colors in your CSS, build a guide as to which color would be used for a certain purpose. For selectors, write them with the very minimum level of specificity necessary for it to work. Take advantage of efficient shorthand coding. Do a CSS reset as needed. Minify your files to get rid of white spaces and unnecessary characters and line breaks.
    css, stylesheet

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Website Performance Tips: Three (3) Firefox Add-Ons To Improve Load Time

Your website loading speed plays a vital role in providing great browsing experience to your readers. The rate in which your web elements become accessible to their critical eyes could very well make or break possible leads. As the owner, it is your responsibility to optimize your site the best way possible in order to generate maximum ROI (return of investment) and traffic conversion.

There are several tools aimed to analyze your content and give recommendations to resolve issues related to its performance. From webdesign tips on Philippine local websites and global ones to SEO must-do checklists, they would show and tackle different ways to address the items that contribute to the delay in response times.

Here are four (4) Firefox add-ons for developers. Learn how you could make use of them to deliver a better UX to your loyal followers and rank better on major search engines.

1.       YSLOW.
User Reviews: 160 user reviews
Users: 169,989 users
Rating: Rated 4 out of 5 stars
Dependencies: Must install Firebug add-on to work properly
Description: YSlow is integrated with Firebug. It grades a webpage based on one of three predefined ruleset or a user-defined ruleset. It suggests improvements on the page's functionality, summarizes its components, displays statistics, and provides tools for analysis, including™ and JSLint. When installed, it adds a tiny icon to FireFox status bar which shows the current load time.
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User Reviews: Not Available
Users: Not Available
Rating: Not Available
Dependencies: Must install Firebug add-on to work properly
Description: Google’s Firefox extension of PageSpeed Insights generates its results based on the state of the webpage at the time you run the tool. To ensure the most accurate results, you should wait until the page finishes loading before running PageSpeed. Otherwise, it may not be able to fully analyze resources that haven't finished downloading. Once done, the plugin displays a list of performance-related best practices and your site's score on each one, sorted by importance/priority. For each rule, PageSpeed gives specific suggestions for improvement.
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User Reviews: 10 user reviews
Users: 16,377 users
Rating: Rated 4 out of 5 stars
Dependencies: None

Description: As we all know, Javascript codes could cause indeterminate delays too. This plugin would especially be helpful to developers during the debugging process. JS Deminifier basically uses the algorithm from to beautify javascript. Eliminating the whitespaces and unnecessary characters are just some of its basic functions. The beautification would apply to content served with the mime types ‘application/javascript’, ‘text/javascript’ or ‘application/x-javascript’. It could easily be enabled and disabled for a tab by clicking on the JSB ON/JSB OFF text in the status bar. After it has been enabled for a tab, any javascript fetched in the future would be beautified.

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